Where is IronBridge Tattoo located?

  • 4-369 Kuhio Hightway, Suite 107. Kapaa, HI 96746 Behind Street Burger Restaurant. Up the stairs by the patio and through the red door.
  • Phone-(808)378.4603

Is there a shop minimum for a tattoo?

  • Yes. The shop minimum for a tattoo is $100.

How much do tattoos cost?

  • We are based on $175/hr for session work. Smaller tattoos are usually priced by the piece.

Do I have to put down a deposit to make an appointment?

  • Yes. There is a non-refundable deposit of $50 for the average tattoo. For larger tattoos the deposit is $100. For multiple session work we ask a non-refundable deposit of $200. The deposit goes toward the final cost of your tattoo. If you need to reschedule your tattoo within 48 hrs of your appointment we require an additional deposit to set an appointment.

Can I just walk in and get a tattoo or do I need an appointment?

  • Yes we except walk-ins if we have time to tattoo the design you are wanting. It is always wise to schedule an appointment so we can give you and your tattoo the needed time it takes to make it the absolute best we can.

What if I need to reschedule my appointment?

  • We have a 48 hr reschedule policy. Please give us 48 hrs notice to retain your deposit so we can fill the appointment time.

Do I tip my tattoo artist?

  • Tipping is never required and always appreciated.

Can I get a tattoo if I'm under the age of 18?

  • No

Can I bring a friend when I get tattooed?

  • Yes. Its exciting to get tattooed and we know you might want to bring along a buddy. There is limited space in the tattoo room so we ask that only one person joins you while you're being tattooed.

How do I prepare for my tattoo?

  • Getting tattooed can be an intense experience. Adrenaline rushes are common and fainting has occurred when blood sugar levels are low... Please eat something substantial before coming in to get tattooed.
  • Please shower before coming in for your appointment.
  • Make sure you are not sunburned in the area you are wanting to get tattooed. A sunburn is a no go for a tattoo. If you are sunburned and cannot get tattooed you will forfeit your deposit if we can't find somewhere else (not sunburned) to put the tattoo.

How do I take care of my tattoo after I get home?

  • We will clean and bandage your tattoo before you leave the shop.
  • When you get home or to your hotel please wash the tattoo with warm water and antibacterial soap.
  • Dry your tattoo gently
  • Apply a very thin layer of aquaphor twice a day for 4 days
  • After 4 days use non-scented lotion until your tattoo is healed.
  • Do not scratch or pick at your tattoo.
  • Do not soak your tattoo in water.(baths, dishes, etc.)
  • No surf, no sand, no sun until your tattoo is healed.(usually 2 weeks)

Can I bring in my own design?

  • We welcome clients to bring in designs they have in mind. Our duty as responsible Tattooers is to give you the very best tattoo we know how, so, if we feel like a certain design will not work as a tattoo we will kindly guide you in the right direction so you get our best possible work.